Tereza Kabátová

Lessons of music


Funny music for the children from three to seven years old.

During " Hudebníček" we sing songs, listen music from CD, painting and learning score, rests, clap a rhythm, we use percussion: triangle, glockenspiel, cymbals, drums, tam-tam, castanets, tambourine, wood sticks, maracas and more...

We describe musical instruments, for example: violin has four strings, piano has white and black keys. We try to play our first music scale, strumming the strings and more...

"Hudebníček" is "Music Prep" for the kids, that never played a musical instrument.

 On "Hudebníček" you will find wheather and what musical instrument your child enjoys and you can choose  individual lesson.

"Hudebníček" is for maximum four kids.




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