Tereza Kabátová

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Tereza Kabátová, Dis.  ( * 02.04.1986)

Education and training: Violin and piano graduate in the Art school at Klašterec nad Ohří under the tutelage of Mrs. Evženie Atamanová. 2001 - 2007 student of State Conservatory at Teplice. Simultaneously she attended private lessons of violin virtuosos Jaroslav Svěcený and Dana Vlachová, members of Czech Trio Orchestra. She also attended Charles Univerzity in Prague.

Wxperience: Participant in Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague tour in Europe and China, cooperation with Čeští filhamonici Praha, Smíchovská filharmonie,Czech National Symphony Orchestra, Čechomor, participant in tour of Andrea Bocelli, Cecilia Bartolli, Nicola Benedetti, Vanessa-Mae, Suzanne Vega, Jaroslav Svěcený, Dan Bárta, collaboration with famous drummer Jan Fröhlich, Pavlína Senič, Rock Meets Classic, movies music recording, guest of Czech Trio Orchestra, tparticipant in three months tour of Quartet in Japan and others...

Her repertoire includes classical music, pop, rock, folk, chill out music, dance music, deep house and others...

Currently she plays with OFO - Varhan Orchestrovič Bauer, teaches violin, piano and keybord, performs solo violin, composes her own music in chill out relax style, synthetic music on Korg Kronos piano completed by electric violin Yamaha and PC technology.




+420 728 811 688